Fish Feed Crusher

Water Drop Fish Feed Crusher

Fish Feed Crusher
Fish Feed Crusher

The water drop fish feed crusher is also called hammer mill, which is an ideal crushing equipment for processing feed. It is suitable for feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Machinable materials: corn, sorghum, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, grains, beans, pellets, rice husks and other common feed ingredients. It is widely used in large and medium-sized feed factories to produce high-grade poultry feed and aquatic feed. The materials crushed by hammer blades with common teeth are usually of 0.6-1.5mm; and crushed with fine teeth are of 1-2.5mm. Raw materials in feed crusher are crushed into suitable particle sizes for feed mixer procession. Final size of materials can be controlled by inserting a screen with different sized holes.

Advantages Of Fish Feed Crusher Machine

  • Easy to operate, low specific power consumption, accurate and consistent product grinding.
  • Reasonable design: final size of materials can be adjusted according to replacing the right screen sieve. Moreover the ability to change screen size, and the option of a variable speed frequency drive control, enable the crusher to processing a variety of materials.
  • Core part-hammers are made of high quality carbon alloy steel, which is durable and wear-resistant. Long life and durability.

Fish Feed Crusher Working Principles

First, we put the raw materials into the crushing chamber through a feed hopper, and there are flailing hammers spinning quickly and close to a perforated screen. Then the broken materials are moved along the rotor outer-edge and go through a continuous collision and friction against hammer, toothed plate and sieve. Then the broken material is totally crushed. If the particle size is smaller than the holes on the screen after processing, feed powder can pass through the screen. Finally, the feed particles discharge to the fan, and products are blown through the cyclone and delivered into storage bags under the suction force of working fan.

Structure of Water Drop Hammer Mill

  • The base acts as a connection and support for the parts of the crusher so that the crushing material can be discharged from the bottom of the pedestal.
  • Main moving parts are rotor, Composed of spindle, pin shaft, hammer piece, bearing.
  • Upper shell component: the top has a feed port, the lower part is connected with the base bolt, the feed port has a replaceable wear-resistant plate. If the hammer is worn out, the screen can be replaced through the side of the shell without removing the entire upper shell.
  • Feed guide mechanism: can make the material from the left or right into the crushing chamber feed guide plate manual control, touch the formation switch, automatically change the direction of the motor, and make it in line with the material direction.
  • Operating door: open the operating door when the sieve plate or hammer plate is replaced. The operating door is equipped with stroke switch. When the door is opened, the stroke switch disconnects the control circuit of the motor to ensure that the motor cannot operate under this condition.
  • Screen fixed frame: tighten the screen mesh against the locking cage, the upper part of the fixed frame has spring compression mechanism, the degree of tension can be adjusted.

Specifications of Fish Feed Crusher

Model Screen mesh diameter(mm) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SFSP66*60 0.6-8 55/75 2.8-5.0/6-12.5
SFSP66*80 0.6-8 90/110 4.0-7.5/12-20