Tips for Making Catfish Farming Success

Catfish is also a freshwater fish, generally catfish live in the waters of some rivers and streams, catfish like to move around and eat at night, most of the daytime will be used to sleep and rest, and people’s habits are opposite. Catfish meat fatty, the market price is relatively high, so many farmers have found the business opportunities inside, there are more and more people have begun to farm catfish, catfish should be how to raise a high yield?

Fry Selection

If you want to raise good catfish, the choice of fry is very important, first of all, you must go to the proper place to buy fry, so that the quality of the fry is more guaranteed, and even if any problems occur, it can be effectively resolved. The most important thing is not to let the performance of the fry have damage, generally more active fry are healthier and have not been subjected to diseases and pests, in addition to pay attention to choose a uniform size of fry, so that the management will be easier. When releasing fry into the pond, try putting a few in first, and then stock a large number of fry when there is no problem, but not too many.

Water Quality Requirements

Catfish grow in fresh water, so the cleanliness of the water directly affects the growth of catfish. If the water is yellowish green, the water is normal and does not need to be replaced, but if you see catfish jumping out of the water, the oxygen content is too low and the catfish can no longer breathe properly. It is important to change all the water immediately at this time, regardless of the fact that it has only been filled with water for a few days.

If it is hot or rainy and the air pressure is low, the catfish may not be able to breathe properly. The conditioning of the role can also play a shade, the most important thing is to look good ah! As you look at the water lily, there are a lot of fish swimming around underneath, which is very pleasing to the eye.

Feed Selection

In the feeding process, feeding feed is very critical, you must ensure the quality of feed, do not buy inferior or expired feed for cheap, not only can not let the fish absorb enough nutrients, but also cause harm to the fish’s body, leading to illness, and eventually heavy losses. At the same time in the feeding time and amount should also be controlled, do not want to feed how much to feed, these are fixed, generally in the morning and afternoon to feed, when the fish eat feed there will be some residues, these are to be cleaned in a timely manner, otherwise the water quality will be affected.

Feeding Method

Catfish are omnivores, but they are also very greedy, as long as you feed them, they will swarm up and grab the food, don’t know whether they are full or not, as long as you feed them, they will eat, so in order to avoid these silly fish to be braced to death, we must control the amount of feed, not too much, but not too little, less catfish are really not full, they will become thin, so we need to increase the amount of feed, not too much, but not too little, less catfish are really not full, they will become thin, so we need to increase the amount of feed. Feeding frequency, reduce the number of feedings. Separate feedings by area to prevent some catfish from not eating enough and others from dying already. During the catfish fry stage, the bait is mainly meat, then as the catfish grow in size, slowly switch to a vegetarian diet for the catfish. Feed different feed varieties depending on the stage of growth. In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases in catfish farming, we can also mix some medications to treat fish diseases in catfish bait, which can be very effective in prevention and treatment.

Harvest Time

If we have the right size and management methods, the catfish will be ready to be harvested after about three months of feeding, and the harvest is done by picking the big ones and letting the small ones continue to grow. The method of harvesting the catfish is simple and rudimentary: drain the water from the pond and harvest them with a net or a fish trap with feed in it. After selecting the large catfish, fill the pond with water and disinfect it, and then stock the fry in the pond according to the number of fish in the pond.

There are a lot of issues to pay attention to when raising catfish, and every detail here is very critical and directly related to the final production, so you must pay attention to the process of farming, so as to ensure that you can maximize their profits.