Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder

Sinking Fish Feed Machine

Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder
Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder

Sinking Fish Feed Machine

As a kind of feed making machine, the wet type fish feed extruder can make fish feed pellets from corn, bean pulp, corp stalk, grass, rice hull and so on. The wet type fish feed extruder machine is widely used in making both floating fish feed and sinking feed pellets for aquaculture farms, feed mills, livestock farms and poultry farms. Different from the dry type fish feed mill, the wet type is equipped with a boiler which can continuously steam the materials to make pellets. It is a key machine for making high-quality feed pellets for fish.

Suwnit fish feed pelleting machine is very flexible, you can customize the output configuration according to different feed types. If you are planning to start a small, medium or large scale feed pellet manufacturing business, please contact us for more details.
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Specifications of Fish Feed Extruder

Model Capacity(T/H) Main Power(KW) Feeding Power(KW) Screw Diameter(MM) Cutting Power(KW)
SFE40-C 0.03-0.04 5.5 0.4 Φ40 0.4
SFE50-C 0.06-0.08 7.5-11 0.4 Φ50 0.4
SFE60-C 0.1-0.15 15 0.4 Φ60 0.4
SFE70-B 0.18-0.2 18.5 0.4 Φ70 0.4
SFE80-B 0.2-0.3 22 0.4 Φ80 0.6
SFE90-B 0.3-0.4 37 0.6 Φ90 0.8
SDSP120-B 0.5-0.8 55 0.6 Φ120 1.5
SDSP135-B 1.0-1.5 75 0.8 Φ133 2.2
SDSP160-B 1.8-2.0 90 1.1 Φ155 3.0
SDSP200-B 3.0-4.0 132 1.5 Φ195 3.0-4.0

Extruder Machine For Fish Feed Making

Difference Between Dry and Wet Fish Feed Extruder

Fish feed making machine can be divided into dry type and wet type fish feed extruder according to the moisture of the raw materials.
1. Dry type extruder
Heating the materials by the frictional force, this floating fish feed extruder machine squeezes raw materials out of the holes of the mold under the action of screw extruder. The pressure and temperature of the pellets sharply decreases when coming out of the machine, and the moisture evaporates. Then materials are puffed and become pellets with porous structure. During the process, the moisture ranges from 15 to 20 percent.
2. Wet type extruder
The working principle of wet type is similar to dry type. But the former requires adding water or steam into the machine to increase the moisture to 20 percent, or more than 30 percent during the process. The sinking fish feed machine increases the temperature of the materials by steaming.

Why Choose Extruder for Aquatic Feed Production?

Aquaculture feed production has several challenges: the feed must be water stable, have high conversion rates while ensuring a low ecological impact. For these reasons extrusion technology is the best choice for the production of aquaculture feeds. Then what is extrusion? Feed at environment of high temperature (110-200 °C) and high pressure (25 to l00kg/cm2) and high shear force, high moisture (10% 20% or even 30%), through continuous mixing, conditioning, heating, pressure, curing, extrusion die and sudden depressurization formed a bulk porous feed pellets.

Feed Pellets Made By Fish Feed Extruder
Feed Pellets Made By Fish Feed Extruder

Wet Fish Feed Extruder Features

  • Brand-new design improves thrust and torque of main shaft.
  • Steam control makes conditioner operation more easily and accurately, and liquid can be added evenly. Additionally, double layer conditioner can be equipped.
  • Materials can enter the extruder smoothly, and specially designed feeder ensures no block or return of materials.
  • Quick discharging device is equipped under conditioner, with which materials or impurities can be prevented from entering extruder in case of emergency.
  • Enhanced adaptation ensures continuous, steady, and efficient manufacture of soybean, corn, and mixed feed etc.
  • Equipped with wet extruder and expander, extruding and expanding processes can be switched with only few components replacement.
  • Particularly suitable for processing raw materials of medium and large feed, piglet feed and other poultry feed. Connected with pellet mill, extruding pellet mill can be realized.