Most Profitable Aquarium Fish To Breed?

Fish farming is a profitable business, especially for the aquariums in homes, schools, and offices that endure for a long time. Think of it as a complete business, including sales, operating costs and net profit, and you will succeed.

At first, profiting from fish farming may sound like a daunting task. However, knowing which fish to breed and how to breed them will reduce the task at hand exponentially. Before doing anything, let’s decide on a few characteristics that a potential breeder should look for when selecting breeding fish. These features will help us narrow down our options so that we can come up with the most feasible option when it comes to breeding ornamental fish.

  • Easy to breed
  • Number of eggs laid and survival rate
  • Spawning frequency
  • The value of fish

Consider these fish for your breeding business

We suggest to study the feasibility of breeding these fish species first. You are likely to find one or two, maybe more, fish species that meet the above-mentioned breeding characteristics and your knowledge and skills. What you are looking for is the sweet spot, a fish species that can be bred and sold in order to get a huge profit.

Koi fish are elegant fishes that are popular in outdoor ponds, water gardens, and Japanese gardens. Their bright colors, coupled with charming scale patterns and graceful movements make them look beautiful. Depending on the size and appearance, the price of koi in pet shops can reach 5 to 15 yuan.

What Is The Most Profitable Fish To Breed?

Fancy guppies are easy to breed, about 20 to 40 juveniles can be produced in one litter, and due to its ultra-short spawning cycle, reproduction is frequent. Their striking and beautiful colors, fins and patterns make them very attractive to aquarium lovers, and they can be sold for 40 to 100 dollars.

Dwarf cichlids are easy to breed, and their breeding costs are low. They are happy to breed in a medium-sized tank with air-flowing sponge filters, terracotta flower pots and radiators.

Platinum fish are very suitable for beginners to raise because of their calm attitude and they tend to take care of their own raising. As live fish, their fry are more likely to survive as long as they are kept in fish tanks of only breeding species, rather than community fish tanks. Although they are not expensive fish themselves, they are very popular with aquarium owners, so profits continue to roll in.

Other fish species you may want to consider breeding for profit are discus, convicted cichlids, and rosettes.

Consider the reproductive characteristics of fish

In theory, every fish suitable for keeping in aquariums is suitable for breeding, and therefore, it is also a profitable object. But none of us live in an ideal world, so choosing fish with the right characteristics for reproduction is crucial. You must ask these questions to determine which fish will bring the most profit to your business.

How easy is the fish to breed?

Remember, each fish species reproduces differently. For example, live fish breed young fish in their bodies and provide them with nutrients. The egg-layer fish may take care of the juveniles after they are out of the body, or they may not take care of them, and may even eat them.

The easier it is for fish to reproduce, the faster your turnover rate may be. Guppies, Platies and Mollies are recommended for beginners because they are easy to breed.

Number of fry produced and its survival rate

The more eggs a fish can reproduce in a pregnancy, the more income, because there will be more fish to sell. Of course, the survival rate of spawning should also be considered. Even if a fish can reproduce a hundred times to lay eggs, but their survival rate is very low, then it is not a good breeding object.

The environment of the parents and their fry will also affect the survival rate of the latter. For example, the parent turtledove should be separated from the fry as soon as possible to prevent the former from eating the latter. As long as they are kept in a tank with no other fish species, and there are sufficient adult fish and dense aquatic plants, the mole can survive to adulthood.

How many times do fish reproduce?

Fish species that reproduce more frequently will produce more juveniles, and therefore, may bring more profits. In addition, you will have a stable source of fish that can be sold throughout the year. This is a must if you want to maximize profits.

The value of fish

Since you are raising fish for profit, it is reasonable to choose fish that can be sold at a reasonable price in the market! Don’t choose a fish because it is easy to reproduce, it reproduces often, but it is not sought after by buyers.

The value of fish also depends on several factors, such as the beauty, cultural significance, and uniqueness of the fish. The most valuable ornamental fish at present include platinum Alona, ​​mint angelfish, freshwater polka dot stingray, etc. The price of these fish can be as high as more than 400,000 yuan!

Don’t forget, your fish farming knowledge and skills are also vital to your career success. Although feeding guppies, platies and mollies is easy, you should still read books, consult experts, and gain practical experience.