Guide To Buy An Aquarium Online

What is the best aquarium on the market?

The first thing we need to get started in the exciting world of aquatics is to choose an aquarium. Buying an aquarium is not an easy task. We have to ask ourselves different questions that will influence the most important thing: the size of the aquarium.

We will also have to decide if we buy a complete aquarium with all its accessories, or if we start the adventure of buying all the elements independently: urn, filters, heater…

To decide on the size of the aquarium, we will be influenced by the type of fish we would like to breed and the location. The location is not only important for deciding the type of aquarium, but also its design and its integration with the decoration of our house.

What is an aquarium?

In a very basic way, an aquarium is a glass or transparent plastic container (it would not make much sense otherwise), in which we include a series of mechanical accessories, such as filters, heaters, air pumps… to manage to reproduce an environment or biotope.
Although the usual is to mount aquariums to raise fish, you can also design planted aquariums in which the greatest importance is taken by plants.
Similarly, there are aquariums that imitate different tropical marine biotopes (marine aquarium), freshwater or cold water.
Other options are aquaterrariums, which reproduce aquatic and terrestrial biotopes, designed to house fish, amphibians and occasionally reptiles.

Recommendations for choosing an aquarium

Before embarking on the purchase of an aquarium, you should know “at least” a little theory about aquatics.
This is not just about buying an aquarium urn, filling it with water and then with fish…it is not a collage, which holds everything as long as it is attached.
Once it is clear to us that aquatics is a beautiful hobby, but one that needs dedication, let’s move on to the more important issues that concern us about buying an aquarium.

Volume and shapes: different types of aquariums

In the market we can find containers of different materials, shapes and dimensions, although the most recommended to start in aquatics, are between 60 and 100 liters.
More important than the exact shape of the aquarium is the oxygenation of the water.
Rectangular shaped urns are the most appropriate. Not only because they will be easier to place at home, which seems a priori the only reason for them to have this shape.
Their rectangular shape provides a larger contact surface with the air, allowing a greater expulsion of carbon dioxide and absorption of oxygen.
Life inside the aquarium, fish, invertebrates and plants, depends on the exchange of gases with the atmosphere.
In addition to the shape, depth or height, it influences the penetration of light, which is the energy essential for the growth of aquatic plants.

The stand, aquarium tables

The support chosen must be undeformable under its weight. A good idea is to choose a metal support, but it may not fit the decoration.
For these cases, you should choose a table or strong wooden furniture, ideally covered with a waterproof board in anticipation that, in the successive changes of water, it can get wet and deteriorate.
Under the aquarium is good ideal to place a sheet of expanded polystyrene, which serves to compensate for any defects and subsequent deformation of the support, avoiding the breakage of the aquarium.

How high should the aquarium be?

The final height of the aquarium should be the most comfortable for us, taking into account its visual effect, and that we find it practical to handle.
As a rule, we should consider that eye level is fine, preferably a slight view from above.
If we plan to observe it sitting down, between 70 centimeters and 100 centimeters from the floor, it would be perfect. But if the aquarium is in a dining room, the appropriate height would be between 1 meter and 1.20 meters from the ground.

Aquarium glass

The crystals of the urn must be totally transparent, and not generate any kind of distortion of the image.
The thickness of the crystals must withstand well the pressure of the water they contain.
There are many ready-to-use aquariums for sale. These aquariums come already prepared with all kinds of lighting and glass covers.
However, we can consider making a custom aquarium, adapted to our needs.
In these cases we have to take into account that the thickness of the glass should increase with the height of the tank.
For example, for a 100 cm long by 50 cm high aquarium, 8 mm thick glass will be sufficient.
If we go to 100×60, the crystals should already be 10 mm, and if we go to 120×70 the thickness should be 12 mm, and so on.
Personally, I do not recommend making your own aquarium. Due to the complexity of the task, it is more convenient to buy a ready-made one or to order a custom-made one from a professional.


One of the first decisions you have to make is “where am I going to put the aquarium?
This decision will condition the rest of the decision making process.
For example, if you are going to put it in the children’s room, you may choose a children’s aquarium, so that they will be involved in its care and maintenance.
But if you are going to put it on a desk, the most reasonable option is to opt for a nano aquarium, with a perfect size for small spaces.
As you will see below, there is a fish tank for every need, so it is important to know what that need is, starting from the location that the aquarium is going to have, as the most important decision.

Tips on location

  • Look for a place where it does not receive direct sunlight, as it can influence the proliferation of algae.
  • Avoid areas where it can suffer sudden temperature changes: near a radiator, in a corridor, under the air conditioning unit…
  • There must be easy access to the aquarium. The aquarium needs constant maintenance: feeding the fish, changing the water from time to time, measuring the water quality of the aquarium…
  • Remember that you need an electrical outlet nearby, preferably with a ground connection. All the accessories of the aquarium work with electricity: filter, pumps, lighting…