Fish Feed Production Line

Sunwit is a professional manufacturer of fish feed machine and complete fish food production line, providing a total solution for fish feed plants or fish farms. Its specifications range from 100-500kg/h small fish feed line to 1-4 tons large-scale complete aquatic production line. We have accumulated rich experience in processing and manufacturing, and the aquatic feed produced meets the processing requirements of freshwater fish, marine fish, floating fish feed and sink fish feed.

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100-200KG/H Simple Fish Feed Production Line

300-600KG/H Fish Feed Production Line

0.5-4T/H Fish Feed Production Line for Sinking and Floating Feed

Single Fish Feed Extruder Machine

We have two types of fish feed extruder, dry type and wet type model fish feed machine. Our machines can produce both floating and sinking fish feed pellets. Moreover, you can change extrusion degree to influence floating time. Without requiring steam boiler and with advanced single screw extruder, it is the best choice for fish feed processing plants and aquaculture farms.

Floating Fish Feed Machine
Floating Fish Feed Machine (100-400KG/H)
Sinking Fish Feed Machine
Sinking Fish Feed Machine (0.5-4T/H)
Diesel Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Diesel Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Fish Feed Making Machine Application

Our fish pellet production line is perfect for the production of pellets from grains, grass, protein and molasses for commercial purposes. Our end product feed pellets have fine textures, are nutrient-rich, have a unique taste, and are of various shapes. They are perfect for aquatic animals like shrimps, gold-fish, cat-fish, tropical fish etc.

Extruded Fish Feed Pellets (floating & sinking feed)

If you own a breeding farm, and you have medium or big-size feed mills, our line of fish feed pellet machine is your best choice because they use super automation controls and are highly efficient. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about fish feed pellet making machine!

Advantages of Fish Feed Production Line

  • Ability to extrude quality fish feed pellets.
  • Wide application. This feed pellets production line can be adopted in the production of various kinds of animal feed, such as dog, pig, rabbit, bird, cat, etc.
  • Advanced technology, high capacity and low energy consumption.
  • Shape and size of the final pellets can be adjusted by changing mold according to customer requirement.
  • Less floor space and needs low investment in construction work. The modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitating the shipment and installation.
  • PLC controlled, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient.

Nigeria Fish Feed Production Project

How to Make Fish Feed Pellets?

A complete fish feed pellet production line generally includes the following process:
Material crushing—>material mixing—>extruding process—>pellets drying—>oil spraying process—>pellets cooling—>pellet packing.
1.Raw material selection
Besides the nutritional value, the processing characteristics of aquatic feed raw materials should also be an important factor to be concerned about. The ideal processing characteristics of aquatic feed raw materials are not only manifested by larger output and less energy consumption in crushing, mixing or granulation, the more important point is that the final produced fish feed pellets must have good stability in water.
Starch is usually an important component in aquatic feeds, and the content of starch can be 5% to 60%. It is suggested that the starch content of sinking fish feed is 10% to 15%, and the starch content of floating fish feed is no less than 20%. In extruding fish feed pellets, carbohydrates act as adhesives, suspending agents, and emulsifiers. It is an important determinant of many structures and special sensory properties of extruded products.
2.Material Grinding
Various kinds of raw materials should be ground to the required size by feed hammer mill. Particle size of raw material has a direct effect on the pellets making efficiency. There are two types of feed hammer mill: fish feed hammer mill and fish feed crusher, which can meet your requirements for fish feed pellets making.

3.Material Mixing
Powdery feed materials need to be blended evenly to increase diet uniformity and improve the feed stuff quality. Featured by low energy consumption and high mixing accuracy, our feed mixer is widely used in feed pellets plant. Feed mixer can be equipped with atomizing spraying system to add liquid to the materials.
4.Fish Feed Extruding
After mixing, fish feed pellet extruder can be adopted at this stage to compress feed powder into sized pellets. We have dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder for pelletizing. Wet type feed extruder is equipped with conditioner and can produce high quality pellets in large capacity, so it is suitable for large fish feed factory. While dry type fish feed extruder suits for small aquatic farms.

5.Fish Feed Pellet Drying
Pellets are in high temperature and moisture content after extruding, so fish feed pellets dryer is needed to cool and dry pellets. Featured by simple structure and high efficiency, feed pellet dryer is ideal for drying.
6.Oil Spraying
Oil spraying process. The good taste and nice smell of the end product is owed to the Oil Spraying Machine. This equipment rotates with high speed, spraying atomized oil on both surfaces of the fish feed pellets. Excess oil during this process is then recycled through a special filter.
7.Pellets Cooling
Pellet cooling. When the temperature of the oil-sprayed pellets increases, they become soft, and can easily break. To avoid loss in this regard, the feed pellets must be cooled, and are consequently hardened. The cooling type adopted by most fish pellet plants is the counter flow cooler where the fish feed pellets are in opposite direction to the air cooling them.
8.Fish Feed Pellet Packing
To make pellets easy to store, transport and sell, they should be packed properly. Pellets weighing and packing can be finished at the same time. Moreover it can also prevent feed deterioration and thus prolong its shelf life. Pellets packing machine can largely reduce labor cost and increase working efficiency.