Is fish farming a good business in India?

Fish farming is definitely a profitable and cost-effective business. India has 7,500 kilometers of coastline and other water resources such as rivers, freshwater villages, ponds, wetlands and backwaters that can be used appropriately. Although we have done a good job in commercial agriculture, India has not fully utilized its potential.

Saltwater and freshwater fishing, combined with aquaculture, is a fast-growing industry in India. Fish as food – from fish farms and catch fisheries – offers one of the easiest and fastest ways to tackle malnutrition and food security in India.

The government should raise awareness of fish farming and provide relevant financial assistance and subsidies for this purpose.

Benefits of Fish Farming

  • Fish farming is one of the fastest growing food production sectors in the world
  • Fish and fish product has huge and increasing demand throughout the globe.
  • Market demand and the price are always high for fish and fish related products.
  • Fish farming plays an important role in the economy, providing thousands of jobs in operations and ancillary services.
  • Different several types of fast-growing fish species are available. Farming those fast growing fish species ensure rapid returns of your investment.
  • People with other occupation or job can also start this business.

Cost Calculation of Fish Farming

Two types of capital investment are broadly included in this agricultural business. One is the capital cost and the other is the operating cost. Capital costs include land and buildings, handmade ponds, transport vehicles, piping arrangements, several tanks, oxygen meters, etc.

Operating costs include the purchase of eggs or fish seeds, fish feed, electricity, fuel, labor, chemicals, drugs, taxes, insurance, telephone, transportation and other maintenance costs.

Please carefully prepare detailed cost calculations for your proposed fish – related agriculture project before commencing business. Depending on the type of fish you choose, the calculation will vary. And also according to your expected output and total land area.

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Fish Marketing In India

Fish marketing in India is not easy. So, for this process, you should know how people prefer to eat their own fish. Also, you don’t need to do a lot of research to find out what people prefer to smell like. In addition, go to any fish market to understand the market situation of fish and the types of varieties customers buy.

These local markets are easily available to fish farmers. If you sell your fish products in this market, the profit will be reduced compared with the export. In addition, fish can be processed to add value-added products. Then, customers prefer any product with added value and products. Since fish is the main dish in India, customers prefer processed fish products.

The advantage of the local market is the price, which does not bother farmers. In addition, if the quantity of your products are good, you can get more revenue.