What equipment needed for fish farming

Fish farming is a professional field of aquaculture, which requires specialized farming equipment. Without the right equipment, it will be difficult for fish farmers to complete basic tasks. Such as counting fish, harvesting and proper oxygenation of water. With the help of different functional equipment for fish farming, fish farming has become simpler and easier to succeed.


In traditional aquaculture, fish are placed in aquariums or cages filled with water. In the warmer months, evaporation and splashing reduce the water in the pond. In order to ensure that the fish have enough fresh water, the water pump injects fresh water into the small pond or lake where the fish is raised from a large fresh water source nearby. At the end of the growth cycle, the farmer drains the water from the pond. He also uses a water pump for this purpose. In some areas, especially where it can pass through nutrient fish farms throughout the year, the pump will send the used water to a recycling pond where it undergoes special treatment to remove impurities. Then, use a pump to move the clean water back to the fish tank and use it with the newly hatched fish.

Machines For Making Fish Feed

Fish feed extruder is a necessary equipment for small and medium-sized fish farms and fish feed processing plants. Through the fish feed extruder we can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality feed according to the nutritional needs of fish, which may save your feed breeding costs.

Aeration Devices

Even if a water pump is used to drain water from the water source for fish farming, it may be necessary to use an aeration device to provide sufficient oxygen to the fish. Aeration devices can also allow you to raise more fish in a smaller space. Fish farmers have discovered that with the circulating aquaculture system (RAS), they can even raise fish in the fish tanks in the buildings. The aeration device also makes it easier to recycle the water after removing impurities.

Back-up generators

The backup generator is essential, because a power outage means a failure of the aeration system, which can be fatal in a few minutes for a crowded tank.

Equipment for Feeding Fish

Sometimes farmers will use feeding machines to put feed into the pond regularly. It is important to ensure that the feeders are operating properly. If farmers want to make their own fish feed, there are also equipment for making fish feed: grinder, mixer, extruder, oil sprayers, etc.

Harvesting Tools

The seine is a huge fishing net with heavy objects at the bottom and floating along the top. It is used for fishing. It is also important to have a small shovel net for catching individual fish, perhaps for weighing, to regularly assess weight gain. The seine nets and dip nets must be made of soft materials to ensure that they will not harm the fish.

Handling and Grading Equipment

When harvesting fish, you must classify them by size. The conveyor belt quickly transports the fish from the seine to the storage tank. During the transportation process, the classification equipment divides them into up to three different classes. You can also count fish in this link with the help of counting equipment. Once the fish are graded, they will be placed in a transfer tanker equipped with a special aerator and then sent to the market.