Catfish Farming in Nigeria

It is well known that fish is the most widely consumed species in Nigeria today. Starting a business exposes you to a lot of opportunities and brings you a lot of money.

How profitable is Catfish farming in Nigeria?

Currently, one kilogram of catfish costs about 1,000 yuan. Imagine that you have 1,000 catfish in your pond. Imagine raising catfish in urban areas, with good roads and close to markets. And not just in the countryside. The profit you will make from it is amazing. You don’t need anyone to convince you how profitable this business is. Even after deducting expenses, you’ll still have enough money.

Catfish breeding enterprises advantages

1. Broad market
As mentioned above, catfish is a popular source of protein in Nigeria. Not only in Nigeria, but many other countries are familiar with this type of fish as an alternative source of protein. It’s relatively inexpensive, delicious, and easy to cook. Even simple frying leads to a delicious taste. As a result, catfish have a fairly wide market acceptance, which will make the business profitable for fish farmers.

2. The harvest is fast
This business is for you who don’t want to wait too long without seeing results. Catfish grow quickly, especially if you feed them the right amount of food and nutrients. When they are healthy and stress-free, they can be harvested within three months. There is a legitimate reason you should try to jump into the business. It doesn’t take long to see the results, and you can learn everything you need to know about catfish farming in a very short time.

3. Easy to breed
Catfish are easy to raise and breed. They adapt easily to the environment, whether it is a cement pool, a floor pool or a tarp pool. These fish are also easy to take care of and do not require special care. As long as you feed them properly, provide them with good feed and vitamins, and provide them with a good flow of water, they should thrive easily.

4. Strong constitution and strong resistance to disease
Some fish get sick and die easily, but catfish are different. This fish is more resistant to disease, so it’s easier to take care of. They are also physically strong and do not die easily. They can thrive in clean water and still live in dirty water. However, if you want the best results, you still need to keep them alive.

5. Huge profits
Another reason to start a business is because its catfish farming is profitable. Fish fry are cheap and easy to find. They also do not require high maintenance costs and have a low mortality rate. In addition, you can start harvesting them within 3 months, which means you will receive your capital and profits in a short time.

Start raising catfish requirements

The deeper your fish pond, the better. Consider your fish pond to be at least 4 feet deep and wide. Although it depends on the number of fish you want to grow.

Ensure that the water quality is good, i.e. the inflow and outflow of water. Don’t use boiled water, use water from a stream or river — natural water. It was always safe and suited to their system. A lack of good water will prevent them from being reared well. If that happens, they probably won’t grow well and will grow quickly. But if you have good water coming in and waste water coming out, you’re going to make a lot of money out of this business.

Fish are raised on stagnant ground. That is, even during the dry season, fish never run out of water. There will be a steady stream of water to neutralize and freshen the pond. It will also help to dilute the contaminated water in the ponds, which is usually made up of leftovers from the food they eat and fish waste. If you are using a water tank or a cement pond, be sure to drain the contaminated water and fill the pond again with good water.

Find a successful fish farmer over the years and ask him where he got his baby fish. Good young fish eat well, can withstand stress, should be 7-9 weeks of age, average 7-15 grams. Although it depends on the source. Poor quality juvenile fish may be cheap, but in the long run, they will frustrate you.

No matter what you are using to cultivate your catfish (cement pool, dirt pool, VAT, etc.) try to put a protective net around it. The reason is simple – monitoring lizards, birds and other predators like to eat young fish. I’m sure you didn’t buy the baby fish to feed them. Once the juveniles are two months old, predators won’t be able to get at them easily.

Correct feed/feeding pattern. It is also necessary to feed the fish properly. If you don’t feed them well, you probably won’t make much profit. During the first month or two of their life, they were given a floating diet, which was later replaced by a heavy or local diet.

Possible causes of catfish deaths in catfish farming

Although it’s easier to raise catfish, it’s possible to see them die in large Numbers. There are several reasons why so many catfish die at the same time. Here are some reasons.

1. Catfish refers to poor seedling quality
One of the reasons why you should get your seedlings or juveniles from a reliable breeder is to get healthy seedlings. Poor quality fingerlings make them prone to illness and death.

2. Water with an unstable pH
Although the fish adapt easily, they still need to live in a good water environment. The unstable ph of the water is fatal to these fish.

3. The atmosphere is too noisy
Even catfish can be stressed when they live in harsh conditions. When they live in places that are too noisy, they also get stressed and die.

4. You don’t feed them regularly, or you overfeed them
This should be obvious in any kind of fish farming or any kind of animal farming. When you feed them irregularly, they don’t grow at their best and even die. But it is also unwise to overfeed them. Therefore, be sure to feed them the right amount of food on a regular basis.

These are some simple catfish farming guidelines that you can follow. Due to the highly adaptable and adaptable nature of this method of farming, it is easy even for beginners in fish farming. So as a start, why don’t you try the business?