Best Nano Aquariums For Sale-Buying Guide

Which is the best Nano Aquarium?

Small aquariums, nano aquariums or mini aquariums are the best way to enter the world of aquatics. Their size makes them ideal as aquariums for beginners, but they are also a perfect option for experienced hobbyists, who want to place a small aquarium in a certain place, which due to space does not allow a larger one.

The great advantage of nano aquariums is that they can be placed in any corner of the house, whether in a bedroom, on shelves or on the desk.

Where can a small aquarium be placed?

Small aquariums can be placed in any corner of the house or office.
Ideally, look for a suitable place, away from windows so that algae do not grow excessively.
It is also not a good idea to have them near heat sources, such as radiators, which could alter the water temperature and negatively affect the fish in the aquarium.
A good idea is to put them close to a socket, so that all the elements that the aquarium needs to be in perfect lighting conditions can be operated and the filters can be activated.

Aquarium design

Most nano aquariums have a fantastic design. They are meant to be very visible to everyone, so design is paramount.
As you may have noticed, there are small glass and plastic aquariums, semi-round, square, rectangular… As we are talking about a piece that transcends the basics, which is to maintain life inside a glass urn, the choice of the design of the nano aquarium is very important.

Small Aquarium Kits

I think the best option is to choose one of the small aquarium kits, which already come with everything you need to get started: filters, lighting, decoration, some even with fish food.
Although you can start with a simple glass urn, and buy the rest of the accessories, this option is only a good idea if you are an expert in the field.
The Kits gather everything you need, without the need to complicate anything and adapted to the size of the aquarium you have bought.
It should not escape us that when we talk about nano aquariums, there are from 6 liters onwards.

Which fish are we going to put inside the aquarium?

If we were talking about a normal-sized aquarium, instead of a small aquarium, the fish would be at the top of the list.
In this case, space is more important than the fish.
Once it is clear which aquarium is suitable for us, in terms of size and design, we have to find out which fish are best suited to the space available.
There are very small fish that can live in reduced spaces, others need a larger space, have fellow fish and live in community…this point, although it is the last one, is of vital importance.

The special case of the Betta fish: Aquarium for Betta

There are some fish tanks in the market specially designed for the Betta fish, they are called Betteras.
They are very small and are not conditioned so that no fish can live in them.
They are quite similar to the spherical “fish tanks” of all life. Actually, there are no fish for fish tanks… no fish can survive in such a small space, where there are no places to take refuge, it is not easy to control the quality of the water, there are no filters…
To have fish at home, you have to have an aquarium. We don’t have much space and we want to have small fish, so small.
The Betta is not a big fish, with few demands, but it cannot live in a fish tank. An aquarium for a Betta, can be a nano aquarium of 19 or 20 liters, with all the guarantees that it will be in perfect health conditions.
Betta can live in a cold water aquarium (they are small cold water fish), the aquarium does not need to have built-in heaters and they are very resistant fish.
One of the reasons why Betta are in great demand for small aquariums is that they have very attractive shapes and colors, which is a good reason for them to attract attention in a small aquarium.