Best Automatic Fish Feeders for Sale-Buying Guide

What is an automatic fish feeder?

Fortunately our life is much easier thanks to a lot of devices, like the automatic fish feeder.
It is a device designed to feed our fish automatically, without us being in front of it.
The automatic dispensers are programmable, so we can specify “how much food” our fish will receive, and “how often” they will receive it.
There are all kinds, more sophisticated, with programs that reach several days and personalized, and other simpler ones that have the option of dispensing food every 12 or 24 hours.
There are also some that are mains operated and others that are battery operated. There is so much variety and prices, that it is difficult not to find one that suits us.

How to use the automatic fish feeder

Most dispensers use food granules, others allow the use of flakes, although this is not usual, because they can get stuck and stop working properly.
Its use is very simple, we only have to fill the food hopper, remember that you have granulated food for all types of fish…even some mixed foods, designed to be able to feed several types of fish from a single automatic feeder.
Then we move on to the most complicated part, programming the dispenser. How often do we feed them? How much food?
The periodicity and quantity will depend on the species. There are fish that are better fed once a day, although most fish need to be fed at least twice a day and without excessive amounts.
Once programmed, the dispenser will be ready to start working.

Advantages of having an automatic fish feeder

I can think of several advantages, such as those I have found in my personal situation, but I would highlight them:

You program it and you forget
Once you have programmed the dispenser, you no longer have to worry about your fish getting their fair share of food when they need it. Obviously, you will have to check from time to time that everything is working properly, as well as you will have to refill the food hopper. Even though the fish need a lot of care on a regular basis in addition to the feeding, you can go on vacation for a week without any problems.

They will get the right food
We tend to “overfeed” our fish, when we should not do so for their own health, and because if they don’t eat everything we throw at them, they will end up at the bottom of the aquarium, with the problems we all know with parameter imbalances, which can end up with an attack of algae, etc.

They will feed in a precise way
Many fish need to be quite accurate in their feeding. Not only give them a specific amount, but also at more or less specific intervals. With the “process automation” we avoid forgetting and modifying the schedules.

Fish food dispenser Is there an alternative?

Automatic fish food dispenser, vacation foodMany people are a little reluctant to use fish food dispensers, especially if they are only going to be away for a couple of days.
In addition, there is an alternative to automatic fish feeders: there is “vacation fish food”…no, it’s not that the fish go on vacation, although they might want to.
These are slow release compact feeds, which can last several days.
The truth is that they are a great solution, some pills last up to 2 weeks, so unless you are going to be away for an excessively long period, your fish will not go hungry during your vacation.

I still think the best solution is an automatic dispenser, and there are several reasons for this:

  • The fish will eat their usual food
  • They will receive their meals at their usual times
  • Eliminates the risk of unpleasant food
  • You also eliminate the risk of “pills” not dissolving properly
  • Of course, you will avoid leaving any remains at the bottom of the aquarium