Best Aquariums For Turtles-Buying guide

Which is the best aquarium for turtles?

Having pets at home is both a joy and a responsibility, as each species has different needs that require direct attention. A turtle aquarium, for example, is quite different from a fish aquarium, since each pet requires certain very specific conditions.

If you are considering having a turtle aquarium, you must provide some of the necessary elements for your turtle to grow up healthy and happy. First of all, water turtle tanks need to have, in addition to the water for swimming, a land area. This space will be where your water turtle can rest, dry out and sunbathe. Additionally, you will need to have a ramp that allows you to climb up to this space.

Key elements for a turtle aquarium

If you want your turtles to enjoy a happy, healthy and comfortable life, it is essential that you ensure that your aquarium has the right conditions.
Here I share with you some of the most important elements you should take into consideration for your turtle aquarium:

  • Dimensions: First of all, you should look for a turtle aquarium appropriate for the size of your pet. It should have enough space to swim and explore around it. Ideally the water should be 15- 25 centimeters deep.
  • Dry zone: Although water turtles spend most of their time swimming, they also need a dry zone. This space will be used to dry out, sunbathe and rest. A ramp is also needed to allow the turtle to move into the dry zone.
  • Accessories: Turtles usually eat in the water, this generates waste and dirt in the water. Removing the waste manually is not enough to maintain the quality of the water, so it is necessary to have a filter that purifies and maintains the water in excellent quality. On the other hand, it is important to remember that these are cold-blooded animals, so it is recommended to include a water heater, which keeps it at an appropriate temperature. It is also important to include a light source that provides the 2-3 hours of sunlight your turtle needs.

Where can I buy a turtle aquarium?

Aquariums for water turtles can usually be found in specialized pet stores.
The problem is that finding a suitable turtle aquarium is not always easy, and normal aquariums are not prepared for turtles.
My recommendation is that you buy a turtle aquarium using the Amazon online store.
On Amazon you will find a wide variety of turtle aquariums, large and small, if you are looking for a glass or plastic turtle aquarium, with or without accessories.
Furthermore, the prices for turtle aquariums on Amazon are usually very good, as they always have constant offers.