What is the best aquarium for a betta? Buying Guide

Which is the best Betta aquarium in the market?

In the market there are some mini aquariums called Betteras, which are sold as the aquarium for Betta, when in fact they are so small that they could be considered small torture rooms for fish.

Among those of us who love Betta fish we have some discussions, about what would be the ideal aquarium size for a Betta fish. If you are only going to breed a male Betta fish (they are the most attractive ones), an aquarium of 10 to 20 liters will be enough. But if you are going to have an aquarium with a male and several females, then you should think about a larger aquarium, about 10 liters more per fish.

So, if you are going to have a Betta fish with let’s say 4 or 5 females, we would be talking about an aquarium of about 50 liters.

Tips for choosing a good Betta fish tank

As I told you, the ideal aquarium for Betta has to move between 10 and 20 liters, if we are only going to have one specimen.
For me, it is also a bit cruel to keep only one fish in the aquarium.
You should know that the Betta are very territorial and quarrelsome, not in vain do they receive in the name of fighting fish.
They cannot be placed with other males and few fish can live with them without being victims of their harassment and aggression.
But… he can live with other females of his species. It is recommended to have between 4 and 5 females, so that they do not stress them too much. You should not put only one.

Adequate size for the Betta aquarium

It all depends on the number of specimens we are going to breed:

  • One Betta fish, 10 to 20 liter aquarium
  • More Betta fish, increase 10 liters per specimen. e.g. 4 females and 1 male, 50 liter Betta aquarium

Aquarium shape

The Betta prefer rectangular aquariums, with not too much height.
The reason is that they are fish that like to go out and breathe air on the surface of the aquarium, because they have a labyrinthine organ that allows them to do so and they like it.
It is also common for them to make bubble nests on the surface.
If you have a Betta, you will see that they usually come up to the surface to breathe. They also like to eat near the surface.

Elements of the aquarium

For our Betta fish to be perfect, we need to provide a suitable environment…starting with the aquarium having the necessary accessories:

  • Filter, which can be internal or a backpack filter, because the aquarium is not very big.
  • Heater. Although Betta are traditionally sold as cold water fish, it is always advisable to have a heater to regulate the water temperature.
  • Lighting. Normally, complete aquarium kits come with lighting, but if we decide to set up our own aquarium, we should not forget the lighting.
  • Thermometer. Essential to control that the temperature is in the suitable ranges.

Where to buy Betteras?

The best online stores to buy an aquarium for a Betta are

Amazon Betteras
Buying Betteras at Amazon is very easy, we can find Betteras with different designs and aquarium kits with a great amount of configurations, sizes and prices. If you are looking for a cheap Bettera, Amazon has it, but if you want a quality aquarium, you will also find it.

Bettera Kiwoko
Kiwoko is a large chain of pet stores, where you will find a wide variety of aquariums, with different sizes and configurations. If you are looking for the typical Bettera, you have it, but if you want a bigger aquarium, it is also available, although not with the varieties, prices and configurations of Amazon.